Friday 16 September 2011

September Roses

September – month of mellow fruitfulness and rainbow roses…it isn’t warm as an Indian summer would be, but lavender still scents the air and the roses are more rich and various than they usually are at this time of year.

We are sending up bridal roses for a wedding at The Temple, and although the bridal accessories are traditionally pale, the reds, crimsons and velvety purples look terrific on linen-covered tables at night.

Here you can see them on our red checked tablecloth in the barn – they look interesting with berried and trailing ivy, which works for rustic and urban settings.

This huge multi-coloured bouquet was especially requested as a raffle for the Open Day guests of Actors in Session at Notting Hill’s multi-cultural Tabernacle.

We have found many more brides have chosen roses for their autumn celebrations than expected, and here are some pretty posies for bridesmaids, the bride’s specially requested small bouquet and the corsages and buttonholes, using mainly Warm Wishes, a wonderfully long-lasting rose as warm in colour, and scent, as its name.

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