About Danaë

I am a writer first, then a rose specialist - a grower, arranger, diarist and historian. I love children,particularly my own, and my own grandchildren: Alice, Grace, Louis and my step-grand-daughter Lottie. I have been interested in birth since writing Naturbirth, a best selling book on the rights of women in childbirth. It was taken up as a feminist tract in America because American mothers related to premise that most women would rather not approach birth as an illness to be controlled by doctors. It was translated into 7 different languages including Dutch, Spanish and Japanese. Journalism kept the food on the table for many years, and I then wrote a book about the theatre's great British dynasty, the Redgraves, called To Be A Redgrave. And now, having gained a Masters in Literature at Essex University (down the road) I am writing scripts and screenplays, as well as growing roses and working on a book of Roses called My Passion For Roses.My PhD subject is called: Parallel Worlds.

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