Wednesday 24 August 2011

Guist Hall Rose Event

Now I’m returning to July to write about a rose event and post some pictures, to shake the memory a bit, dig out the pictures and back it all comes!
We prepared an amazing rose event for Alex Gregory and her mother Stephanie Laing at Guist Hall. It require literally thousands of roses, and scented most of Norfolk into the bargain.

The house is elegant Georgian , the garden landscaped but not too severe, and there were four marquees, each of which needed rose arrangements, with the main events being a huge lunch for several hundred and a dinner dance later that evening for several hundred more.

There were roses on every table, roses in every marquee, and the house was full of roses too. It was heaven, but it was rainy. We picked in the rain, transported  in the rain (with the help of Pollencrew’s lorry and extra hands), then it started to rain the moment we arrived  at Guist Hall to prepare the flowers and there was no cover!

Soaked to the bone and shaking out dripping roses  ever other second, it was nevertheless fantastic and fun. At the end of a very long day, with four marquees and a houseful of roses under our collective belt (my team included my son Orion, our friend George Neville, my creative partner Trish Edwards and another experienced florist friend Belinda Volpellier),we were invited to share champagne and fish and chips with the family and event managers.


It was a fabulous rose event, my favourite kind: friendly people who love roses, allow us to be freely creative with our unconventional but traditional unique roses and appreciate their glory from colour to texture to scent. Somehow it makes the event, whatever it is, all the more memorable, it is almost as though one remembers the scent of the day.

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