Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rose Open Day Follow-up

Rose Open Day on Saturday brought sunshine after rain all night. This meant the petals glistened with raindrops and the roses turned up their faces to the sun for a light spray tan. Lots of people made the journey to see us, several florist and event organisers all the way from London - which is always so nice because we can put a face to a voice, and they can see what we really do, and better that, smell the unique unbottled fragrance of the true English rose. I had a funny little insert in Radio Essex’s morning show with somebody called Timbo (not his real name apparently) which brought some people running in from their Saturday shopping; Binny and Edward Reily Collins came all the way from Wiltshire to find roses for their daughter’s August wedding, and the architect of our house, Quinlan Terry, brought his wife Christine and friends to admire both house and garden!

Rufus Griffin, aged six, took a massive fleece-covered hammer to our Tibetan gong so the Stour Valley resounded to the echoing boom created to call Tibetan monks to prayer in the mountains of Nepal – in this case this son of a soldier beat the retreat to alert our guests and clients to the raffle and its prizes. First prize, a magnificent bouquet of red and purple roses went to one of our florist customers and the second prize to one of our neighbours Michael Stevens. Money was raised from the cream teas, roses and home-made jams for the NSPCC and altogether a delicious English summer Saturday was had by all.

A successful day I feel, thanks to a loyal team a fine spirit and thousands of roses!

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