Sunday, 28 March 2010

Preparing for a rosy summer...

The time for pruning roses is racing past, the cold weather held us back and meant we started late. We gathered up the thorny clippings this weekend and already new buds are everywhere. In the greenhouse we are sowing seeds for the sweet peas and scabious that will go into the bridal bouquets, and I am trying to decide which of the special greenhouse roses should be transferred out into the fields to leave more room in the crowded greenhouse.
         This week our Open Day cards will be ready to hand out at the Vintage Wedding Fair which is to be held at the 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill on April 11th.
Rose Open Day will be on Saturday 19th June - again, later than usual. It has taken a long time to decide a safe date, a time when the roses will finally be flowering, for opening our barn doors to florists and brides  - we have so many roses in June it's a wonderful time to show them off, and every florist and bride is given a bunch as a gift to take away. Let's just hope it doesn't pour with rain again, although even in the rain they look beautiful.

         On the same day as we open the rose gardens this year we are inviting a musician friend, Daniela Bechley, to give a song and piano recital in the glasshouse. As well as wanting people to enjoy the roses we will raise money for Grandmothers United, a unique charity run by very active grandmothers in this country to help grandmothers in Africa who are left to care for children orphaned by HIV Aids.
        So, roses and song cycles, all on the same summer day! Save the date: Saturday, 19th June, from 3.00 pm. For directions, go to our website:

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